Android Pay 2

So, we can’t use Android Pay? Is that right? I just tried to register my card but got a message saying it’s not supported yet (boohoo) Will this not be available for a long time?

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As the two are practically the same, I’d imagine the response would be almost identical to the one for Apple Pay.

(tl;dr: Current accounts come first.)


Ah, ok so not until full bank accounts are rolled out. That’s a shame but fair enough. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Weird, does anyone have any more information on why this is the case - why there’s any extra work involved at all?

Because infrastructure would be needed to allow android pay to work on the wirecard payment systems, which would take a lot. Then once they launch properly the payment systems would be in house so would need the infrastructure again.


The related card on the roadmap got archived. I don’t see the Apple pay one either. Are you giving up on supporting this?


The Apple Pay card is still there, it’s just been renamed as ‘Mobile NFC Payments’ so I guess this card covers both platforms now?

It would be impressive if this meant Monzo were building their own solution but the link in that card still points to the Apple Pay topic.

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Yeah I noticed that and got slightly worried.
Glad they haven’t forgotten it.

Oh, phew. :relieved:

I just saw “archived” on the Android card and came here to post; I was going to half-jokingly tag @alexs because “he always knows what’s going on” - quick search, found this, and you really did have the answer :laughing:

Maybe this is a hint it’ll be in-app though?

To be honest, I might prefer that - if Monzo’s the only card I have to use, (i.e. having a second one would not be worth it’s weight) that’s great as far as I’m concerned - and if I only have one card, why not pay with it over NFC through its provider’s app instead of a second one?

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Using NFC payments from the app won’t be possible on iOS anyway since 3p apps don’t have access to NFC. So they might as well reuse the infrastructure from Apple Pay rather than reinventing the wheel. I think that alone is a strong incentive to just use Android Pay.

Personally I hope it will make it easier to also use the card for in app and web payments. It’s a platform feature so integrating it is part of being a good citizen there.

But I’m also curious about the economics of that… Does anyone know what is Google’s cut (if any) when using Android Pay? How would it affect Monzo? Why did Barclays stick to their own app for example?

Google don’t take much/anything because they don’t use their own tokenisation, so the fee is taken by whichever company is doing that (Visa/Mastercard). But maybe they charge banks a set up cost or something, I don’t know.

Apple take a fee, but it’s a lower fee than what the bank would pay if you used the physical card in a shop.

For the record, Tristan’s just confirmed that this is what’s happened, in the developer’s Slack channel :thumbsup:

Tristan’s just moved Android Pay top-ups back to the Near Term (3 months) list on the roadmap :tada:


What are android pay top ups anyways? Is it just topping up using android pay on the same device? Didn’t know there was demand for that feature.

Looks like this is on the way :smiley:

And for those of you asking about topping up your Monzo card with Android Pay in the app…well, let’s just say you’re going to like our next app update.


Ohoo, what a tease! Can I assume you’ve already seen this new app @alexs? :wink:

Can’t wait to start topping up with AP! :smiley: Hoping it hits the :monzo: beta channel this week :slight_smile:

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Heh no I haven’t actually, that was a quote from the blog post I linked to :slight_smile:

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Aha, so it is! … I must’ve skimmed over that in excitement of opening on my phone to see that AP was there :joy:

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Does the payment get listed as to the other Monzo user, or as to Google / Android Pay?

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I had to ask @jakeoliver to help me answer this :raised_hands:

The recipient’s name is the name of the merchant that Monzo set up to receive these payments MONZOME -