Android Dev Update

(Tony Hoyle) #202

New payments looks good. My wife has monzo, so it’ll be a game changer to be able to send her money instantly* - she just shows up as ‘Invite’ though, so I’m not sure it’ll work yet - I presume when it’s working it’ll change to ‘Pay’ or something?

  • Faster payments exists, but that’s no help when (a) my banks website doesn’t work on mobile, and (b) her bank takes 7-10 days to show payments.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #203

on the iPhone the other person had to “enable payments” on their phone to appear in my list of payees, try sending her a pound :slight_smile:

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #204
  • Im sure it would now be a similar process on Android

(Tony Hoyle) #205

Well she doesn’t have beta so won’t be able to enable payments. Seems odd you have to enable outgoing payments to receive inbound ones though. I’ll look forward to testing when it goes live.

Payments on Android out now!
( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #206

bear in mind I don’t have an Android phone so I may be giving you duff info :slight_smile: but Monzo are trying to get to feature parity - so I would imagine they will work in a similar format

(Nathan Thompson) #207

Had a (Monzo) friend send from iOS to Android instantly the other day.

Is the long term plan to achieve parity with the iOS version?
I saw a friend use the budgeting functionality (set weekly / monthly) and it looks really good!

(Alex Sherwood) #208

Yes there is :tada:

(Naji Esiri) #209

@Nate yes! We’re working hard on that one, especially now the Android team has some additional firepower! The focus right now is on core banking features, nothing visible within the app. At the beginning of the year we promised regular and timely updates the the Android app, and I think we didn’t do too bad delivering on this promise up to now :innocent: Once all the above has been completed and we’re ready for current accounts, the focus can shift back to adding features and functionality into Android app.

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Expenses / Book Keeping in Android App
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Status of the Android app vs the iOS app
(Nathan Thompson) #210

Thanks for the updates folks, much appreciated.


Any update on Android catching up with the IOS version? Is there a simple table comparing the features on both platforms?

The documentation/videos are sometimes misleading because they talk about features in general when they actually aren’t available in Android yet. (for example:



Android has had some features added recently like search. I wouldn’t expect Android to catch up for at least a year or so due to the roll out of the current accounts. (Although the cynic in me does wonder if they will ever reach parity without slowing down development of iOS)

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #213

without much understanding of the different development platforms - presumably the Android developers at Monzo are “just” that - Android developers - are you suggesting that their development will somehow be slowed down in favour of iOS development ? :slight_smile: -what would be the advantage to Monzo in that ? :slight_smile: - they are presumably working as fast as they can on Android development , what would be the reason for slowing it down ? they wouldn’t be working on iOS development if they weren’t working on Android because its a different “language” isn’t it - iOS developers presumably “cant” work on Android development which is why you specifically advertise for specialised developers

The priority for all at Monzo I would imagine is rolling out current accounts with the same features on both platforms , maybe they are plotting in the meeting rooms "how can we slow down Android development to P all Android users of " :slight_smile: :slight_smile: or lol "we will get a kick back if we try and persuade all of our users to switch to apple, lets not put much effort into Android " :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #215

The reason why Android will be able to catch up is that a large portion of the time that it takes to build a feature, is the time building it on Monzo’s back end, as opposed to building it in the app.

Since all of these features have already been built on the back end - for iOS - the Android developer’s ‘just’ need to do the work on the app. In the meantime, the iOS team will natutrally be held up waiting for the back end changes that’re needed for their next feature, if that makes sense?

(Alex Sherwood) #216

You can get a pretty good sense of where the gaps are by seeing which Android features are on the roadmap & comparing that with the iOS product update blog posts.

(Alex Sherwood) #218

Actually, I haven’t said that & I don’t see why it should (see my previous post in this topic) :stuck_out_tongue:


(Naji Esiri) #219

This isn’t the case :slightly_smiling_face: There isn’t really a tradeoff between time and efforts spent working on iOS and Android features. Android and iOS developers are both part of the external product team which means they talk and plan together daily/weekly but they work quite independently of each other.

(Rooney Wimms) #220

This seems unlikely as I have yet to identify any Android development at all since I got the card

(Alex Sherwood) #221

Try here -

(& the other updates from my post earlier in this topic).

Feels like the iOS / Android disparity is growing not shrinking
(Rooney Wimms) #222

Yea fair enough. I suppose what I really would like are the sort of spending management features like individual budgets which were what attracted me to Monzo. The Money transfer is nice but it was already quite easy to transfer money anyway and whether it takes 15 seconds or 5 minutes is not hugely important to me. Anyway, that’s just my opinion. I expect others are more keen

(Alex Sherwood) #223

It is a nice to have for some users, although it does enable in-app top ups by Android Pay too -

Targets are on the roadmap for Android but the team’s waiting until the current accounts to launch before building them -