✅ [Android] Committed Spending Display Bug

Issue : Committed Spending on the Summary screen showing incorrect values

Details to reproduce: Access the Summary screen and check the committed spending section
OS : Android 8
Device: Huawei P30 Pro
App Version: 2.62.0 (Android Beta)


Anyone else seeing this? The totals for each section are wrong and the bills category maths seems to be wrong - I’ve had one bill for £22 and the upcoming figure should be £907.

Mine’s also wrong. The total is also missing from the top of committed spend. Not sure if that’s a bug or a change but very annoying as the difference between my balance and commited spend (at the top under the circle) doesn’t appear until a few days after payday so right now I have to manually add up all the different committed spends to see how much I’m down…

I’m on Android 8.1. Moto G5S Plus. Monzo version 2.62.0.


Seems to be doing
Total = still to come out - already come out (black for negative values
Upcoming = already come out - still to come out

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Yep my committed spending total is also missing - but if I check previous months it’s there. I raised it in Monzo Chat about an hour ago, will update when I get a reply.


I can confirm the same happening here. In fact my ‘Bills’ category is showing a substantial positive amount when in fact it only ever has amounts debited (negative value)

Also checked the previous reporting periods and they are correct, so it’s just the current Summary period which has become wonky.

And the final one - my Committed spending total for the current Summary period has also vanished too.

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Reassuring to see it’s not just me! Frustrating that this sort of bug can occur though - may only be a display issue but it is money related so quite important.

Yeah - it is potentially very dangerous for planning purposes if you can’t rely on the presented figures. I’d expect this to be a very-high-priority fix. It’ll be interesting to see what response you get!


We’ll see what the specialist says!

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Still waiting for an update. Doesn’t seem to have been given any level of priority just yet.

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I’m guessing COps are swamped at this point following yetsterday’s Plus update, but I still think this is a high priority issue. Please keep us updated with the response(s) :+1:

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So pleased it’s a bug and not a deliberate change, I was wondering what in earth they’ve done. It’s awful. Those committed spent figures are key to my monthly budgeting.


To be fair it may be a deliberate change (that could include a bug) as there’s been no confirmation from Monzo either way just yet.

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Just upgraded to (beta) 2.63 and the issues are still there.

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Ditto. I’ve not seen anyone mention this occurring on iOS so guessing it’s Android specific.

Just had an update on Chat - it’s being looked into by the engineering team. Still no mention of priorities though.

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Hey all,

Sorry this is happening. Engineers are looking into it now.



Thanks Kieran. Guessing this is a bug then - no deliberate changes made in this area?

I don’t believe there have been any intentional changes here!

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Hello all,
I have addressed a change that I believe has caused this issue. Can you please have a look for me and see if you’re still experiencing any problems?



Looks to be fixed for me :slight_smile:

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Also looks to be fixed for me! Thank you for the speedy fix and coming on to the forum to let us know :grin:

@kieranmch Fancy using some Making Monzo time to work on being able to mark scheduled pot payments as committed spend? :wink: