[Android] Not all bills listed in Bills budget

Issue: Not a my bills are listed as spend on my Bills budget

Details to reproduce: it’s ignoring several bills, that don’t get listed as Bills and don’t count against my budget

OS: Android

Device: Pixel 3

App Version:


Customer service says the only way to fix this is by resetting all my budgets and deleting and installing the app again. I find this extremely annoying for the user, they don’t even escalate the issue to product teams. I tried twice with customer service and I am expecting a long term solution to this Vs me going and resolving this via this scrappy / short-term fix.

Are they going into your committed spending rather then the bills budget?

Yes they are. But these should be counting as bills.
Because they are committed bills. I’m labeling them on my account as bills.

When you set a budget you set the total not including commited spending. It says so at the top.

It then gathers your committed spending in a separate section.