Target "Bills" and Committed Spending "Bills"

So I’m clear, Committed Spending “Bills” do not come out of Target “Bills”? That appears to be the case for me anyway.

For example, if I assume a direct debit “bill” of £50 is to come out of my account; I do not include that £50 in the Target as it does not show?

That seems to be the case. Not sure I like it that way.

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Yes I’ve got a bit confused. Direct Debits I assume may not be “bills” so not part of any target amount.


My total bills transactions do not show in the summary. It appears that the bills in committed spending do not show in the summary. This makes it more difficult to see at a glance if you’re within the spending budget.
For example I have a spending budget on bills for £1450 yet it shows just £37 being spent.
There’s £1800 under committed spending for bills all of which should be included in my budget.
Why is this? It’s quite frustrating.

Yes I have the same. It seems as though those bills (direct debits) do not show in the target summary.

Is this going to be fixed so that the ‘committed spending’ bills can be included in the bills budget for the month?

Funny that you asked they just tweeted about this :smiley:

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