Left to Spend correct value, incorrect display


The Left to Spend value is correct and takes into account upcoming committed spending.

However, the actual proportion is always incorrect.

I suspect it’s because my non-committed spending is positive, because I get paid for Bills by my housemates, which is not seen as committed, and the bill itself is. However, there’s no way to exclude those incoming payments from committed spending.

Details to reproduce: I don’t know exactly what’s causing it, sorry. I give permission for engineers to look at my account to diagnose using recent transactions.
OS: Android 12
Device: Pixel 6
App Version: 4.7.0


The circle and the green text below it is a prediction of what will happen if you continue spending at your current rate, not the left to spend value. It’s fairly dumb… if you pay most of your bills at the beginning of the month you’ll find it always predicts you’ll have less money or run out of money early. Mostly I just ignore it.

It never used to behave this way. Usually it’s possible to Exclude from Spending Summary to fix those things. It always used to work but seems to have broken recently

It’s behaved that way as long as I can remember, all the way back into beta.