Transactions showing as ‘committed spending’ in summary, but are already spent

Hi all,

Some direct debits are still showing as ‘committed spending in summary, rather than being counted against budgets. I’m new to the bank and have manually set up these direct debits with each of the companies. The money is deducted and shown in my feed as a transaction, but on the ‘summary’ page they don’t count against my budgets yet.

None of the transactions are marked as ‘pending’ or similar. I’ve tried manually closing the app and rebooting my phone but it hasn’t affected it.

I’m not sure how to reproduce the issue as it is not something I have done. 5 out of 6 direct debits are still shown as committed spending. One has successfully gone into the correct ‘bills’ category.

Some monthly debit card transactions and one standing order (to my savings) are also having the same problem.

In the screenshot below the £409 bills, £100 savings and £13 expenses are all incorrect and should be under their respective categories in ‘spending’.

IOS 16.1 (20B82)
iPhone 13 Pro Max
Monzo app 4.54.1