✅ [Android] Monzo app won't open - reinstall not working!

app won’t open

Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no joy
Samsung galaxy
Latest app version


What do you mean it wont open? it tries and crashes or it gets stuck or what happens?

Android 10 or which version?

I see you’re on a Samsung Galaxy. I’ve heard of users with camera issues. Can you run through these checks?;

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Thanks David! I’ve been with Monzo for a while, so pretty sure this won’t be the issue, but will look into it just in case. Have now emailed help@monzo so hopefully they’ll have a fix!

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The camera thing has tripped a few people up - even people who use the app every day - the app suddenly won’t run (or starts to and then closes). It’s worth checking if your camera works properly, as it only takes a few seconds.

Just checked camera is working via the normal camera app…

That’s good, one thing to tick off the ‘try’ list.

On your phone, does the Monzo app have permissions granted to use Storage and Camera?

It does have those permissions yes, however it has fixed itself! Sorry for others who will read this as problem was never found - but hopefully you’re solutions will help someone David - thank you.