Replacing Joint Account Cards

We took up the option to replace our joint account cards with those with the “JOINT ACCOUNT” marker on them. When they arrived there were no instructions on how to replace the old cards with the new. On Saturday I went on chat for guidance but unfortunately there was a high demand for support so it took almost 12 hours to activate the two cards. In the end customer support had to activate the cards for us.

Though that was frustrating, the biggest issue was that two pieces of advice during the process were either missing detail or were just not possible in the current iOS app:

  • The first was that to replace the card I had to tap ‘Replace’ on the account screen under the image of the card, when the only three options were ‘PIN’, ‘freeze’, and ‘settings’.

  • The second was that I should get in contact through the app and ‘Toggle on urgent’. Maybe I’m missing something, but I couldn’t find any opportunity to mark a chat as urgent.

For those who are taking the opportunity to replace their joint account cards, it would be good to receive clear instructions on how to replace the card.


Hi @Dangthrimble. I’m surprised that replacing JA cards process hasn’t been improved. The lack of clear navigation was highlighted during labs. Freezing and replacing usually does the trick

Regarding the urgent issue this has been flagged up. It appears to disappear for JA sometimes. It should always be there for personal accounts though

Related bug report:


The option of freezing and replacing came to my mind, but not until after the new cards had been activated. However, the advice I was given didn’t mention freezing, just replacing, hence the confusion when trying to find the option on the account screen. Perhaps a matter of training for customer support or better support scripts.


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