[iOS] Problem with - Spent Today

Issue: spent today not correct

Details to reproduce:
OS: ios
**App Version:**12image


Have you had a large incoming transfer on the same day?

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1 cash deposit

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Is the Spent Today total correct if you take that cash deposit off the sum of all your transaction for the day?

looks as if that is what is going on, but just confused …
even if i had paid in cash thats goy nothing to do with my spending.


This confusion has been pointed out by others before.

Have a look at this thread:


Basically, Monzo take some transfers into the account off of Spent Today, but not others.

Personally, I think only the following should be taken off Spent Today:

  • Bill Splits.

  • Monzo-to-Monzo requests.

  • Monzo.me payments.

  • Transaction reversals.

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Could be worth one of the @Coral-Crew merging this with the other thread.