Exclude from Spent Today?


Not sure if this has been concidered before but when checking exclude from Summary, it would be nice if it was also excluded from Spent Today on the home tab?

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Wouldn’t that mean your spent today would be useless - ie you’ve excluded a payment of £100 and the display tells you you’ve spent 0 when you’ve actually spent £100 ? what would be the reason to not know what you’ve spent ?

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I mean sometimes, I pay for a friends transaction, they send it back from a non Monzo bank and I would like to exclude that transaction from my spent today bc it’s technically been paid for?

Sorry it’s difficult to explain what I mean hahah


I know what you mean.

Sometimes I pay for something that I have saved for and then withdraw the relevant amount from its respective Pot.

Net spend = £0 (seeing your point)

However, I also see the point of having it in the Spent Today - for me - as it is my money that has now been spent. (No longer in Pot)

In your case though, it is on behalf of a friend, so you, technically, have spent nowt.

With all the requests for various toggles on this forum, however, we could be at risk of toggle mania on transactions, if all were granted, making the whole thing far from the simplistic feature Monzo wish it to be for the consumer.

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I’m taking a Christmas stand against unnecessary togglage.

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