[Android/iOS] Spending total not resetting after midnight

(Adam) #1

I’ve opened my Monzo app to check my budget and noticed that it’s gone midnight and my total spends for the day hasn’t reset (all my direct debits came out today, so it’s still showing £1k spent).

And I don’t think the budget circle has updated either.

To reproduce: open the app just after midnight

OS: Android 8.0.0
Device: LG G6
App Version: 2.41.1



probably the change in timezone :see_no_evil:

(Adam) #3

Yeah, I was wondering if I’m an hour ahead of Monzo’s server :joy:

(Lancelot Payne) #4

Hasn’t updated on mine either and I’m on iOS might just be an issue across both.

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It’s the same for me on iOS - not a new bug as far as I’m aware.
I’ve noticed various issues connected to the app moving on to the next day after midnight - e.g at 2 am the latest transactions will still show as “today” until I force quit the app.

Force quitting the app doesn’t fix the spending total not resetting though, just have to wait until after 1am lol :cry:

iPhone X
iOS 12.2
Monzo 2.41.0

(Gareth) #6

Same on Android here on the beta version.


Monzo use UTC as the internal app clock. When the clocks changed UTC midnight is at 1am (I think), so everything should reset at 1am instead of midnight.

(Lancelot Payne) #8

Yep just reset now so the new time is 1AM :disappointed:


So does that mean it changed with British summer time last weekend?
I hope that doesn’t mean it going to continue to wait until 1am to reset until October? :weary:

I guess the issue of latest transactions still showing as “today” until I force quit the app is a separate issue then, as force quitting it just now, only a few mins after midnight, changes them to “yesterday” on the feed.

(Adam) #10


That’s why I flagged this as a bug. It’s counterintuitive having the app be out by an hour. The spending feed and budgets should reset at midnight for both BST and GMT.

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I hope this issue can be looked at please Monzo! It’s all so inconsistent.

  • “spent today” since the change to BST doesn’t reset until 1 am, but…
  • today’s transactions change to “yesterday” at midnight - as they should - but only if you force quit the app (pics below). This is the same even if you wait until after 1am - only force quitting the app changes the transaction date/day.
  • “X days to go” on summary changes at midnight, but the line doesn’t move round the circle until 1am since BST.

Can we please just have everything changing at midnight, i.e. when it should, instead of a weird mix between 1am/midnight. And also would like not to have to force quit the app for the day to change. :blush:

Transaction view at 1:15am before force quit:

Transaction view at 1:15am after force quitting (changes to “yesterday”):

iPhone X
iOS 12.2
Monzo 2.43.0

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The today’s transactions bit is based on your phone’s date on iOS, while Spent Today is based on the date and time on Monzo’s servers


Ok… but that doesn’t change that I still think they both should reset at midnight.


True. I was just explaining why there is a discrepancy.


Anyone from Monzo able to comment on if a fix is in the works for this?
The UTC issue has caused issues beyond what has been mentioned in this thread now. (link below to @alexs’s post in Monzo Plus thread)