BST issue

Between midnight and 1am the “spent today” figure shows the previous days spend. After 1am this displays the correct value.


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Thanks for alerting us to this.

I’ll share it with the team on Monday to do some digging and check whether this is intended behaviour.

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I’m kicking myself because I should have made a transaction between 12 and 1 to see if it was added to the total. Have to be thorough when writing test cases :blush:

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Test cases? What are they? :upside_down_face:


Possibly related to this?

I am very much in England. The transaction list correctly shows as “yesterday”, so it’s clearly a UTC/BST issue for that specific part of the UI or the API that supplies the data (if the aggregated total is supplied separately).

I was thinking that if “Spent Today” is locked to a time zone, it might be locked to GMT, and so not take account of summer time. :man_shrugging:

Still not fixed :thinking:

As Rika said…

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