[iOS] Roundup Icon Not Matching Pot

When roundup is enabled on a pot, if the pot ‘image’ is set to a solid colour the icon on the feed item is the piggy bank image.

Details to reproduce:
Change your roundup pot image to a solid colour, return to your feed and see for yourself.

iOS 12 Beta 4

iPhone 6S Plus

App Version:
2.6.0 #433



Not sure if it might actually be intentional, as a solid colour normally doesn’t symbolise much

Mines a solid colour in the feed and actual coin jar. I’m on Android, though.

That could be the bug :man_shrugging:t3::thinking:

I had the pig icon for my Coin Jar, got annoying seeing so many pig icons after today’s update, changed my Coin Jar to a solid colour expecting it change on Home tab and it didn’t.

Can you change the pot icon on Android? I can’t seem to find a way to do it?

(Bug or feature?!)

I tired to do this but it doesn’t look like you can :confused:

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