✅ [iOS] Round up pot not updating


When you have a new round-up pot with no balance the balance doesn’t account for your roundups.

Details to reproduce:

  • Create a new pot
  • Enable the ‘round-up’ feature
  • Don’t deposit any money.
  • Pay for something which will round up.
  • Pot balance shows as £0.00, can’t withdraw anything but money shows in ‘round ups’ section at bottom

Temporary fix:

  • Deposit a penny and withdraw it again.
  • Balance shows correctly and can now withdraw round ups

iOS 12.2

iPhone 8 Plus

App Version:
2.4.0 #519


Hey - thanks for reporting this. It sounds related to a couple of issues we have fixes on the way for.

To double check, Which Account Tab layout do you see, the long list of pots, or the horiztonally-swiping list of Pots?

Long list of pots

Thanks - this is an issue with that layout, we have a fix for it that is going to Testflight today/tomorrow, and will be released to everyone on Monday.

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A fix, whilst not ideal is to uninstall and reinstall - this worked for me the other day but I still have the new layout so the movements to pots today didn’t come up.

Glad we’ve got a fix coming Monday @Jami :+1:t2:

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The fix for this has been released to TestFlight! :+1:

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I had an issue with my balance on round up pot the other day. Support told me to uninstall/reinstall and that fixed it. It took me from the new layout back to the old side swipe.

I’ve just installed today’s TestFlight update and I’m still on the old layout - is that to be expected?


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I’m having issues with my pots not showing the correct balance. Roundups and scheduled deposits into not updating unless I manually deposit a penny.

iOS 12.2 iPhone 7 plus on app version 2.42.0

Fix in latest TestFlight.

I’ve been having this issue too, my way around it is by going into edit the pot and pressing save changes and it updates then.


Legend! I had no idea how much was in my round up pot but this worked


Nice one! A fix is mere days away thankfully, but this little trick will come in handy until then! :blush:

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No problem :slight_smile:

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