Bill Pot Inconsistency - Fix the Colours

Happy to be shot down if this is a me problem but I was just looking at my bill pot after setting up a scheduled withdrawal from it for a regular payment which isn’t a DD and noticed what I think is some pretty inconsistent UI.

First, £ signs. Why do the scheduled withdrawals and adds show them, but none of the DDs above do? Weird.

Secondly, and I think this applies to all pot transactions tbh, the colours are inconsistent.

I get that in my feed the £15 withdrawal from the pot is a + to my balance, but in the pot it’s a minus. I really don’t think it should show green and with a + on the pot screen. It is below a list of black transactions which all show money leaving the pot, and this also shows money leaving the pot. I feel similarly towards the black £200 deposit ofc, which again, is so inconsistent with the black transactions/withdrawals above.

I think the point is that transactions in and out of a pot on the pot screen should treat that pot as the reference point, and not my ‘main’ balance. If I’m looking at a pot to add up what goes in and out, the numbers for ‘in’ should all be the same, and so should the numbers for ‘out’.

Thoughts? (Pic to show colours etc)

It’s definitely odd.

I think it might stem from Monzo’s inconsistent attitude to pots in general. Pots aren’t separate accounts, they are a part of your current account, but the balance held in the pots isn’t part of your current account (you could have loads of cash in pots and still be overdrawn).

Depending on whether or not you view pots as separate entities from your current account informs your view on what colour the numbers should be.


Yeah you’re definitely right that there’s inconsistency overall with the way they treat pots. I certainly don’t agree with being overdrawn when there’s money in pots either.

But even with their overall approach being a bit odd, I think this is just incorrect.

If green means withdrawn from pot and added to account, then withdrawn from account and added to pot should be red, but ideally it should be the other way around when viewing the pot.

I’m seeing slightly different on Android. In the Bills pot display, I see ‘£’ against the value of all transactions that have been assigned to be paid from it.

I don’t have any scheduled incoming to the bills pot (Salary Sorter puts money in there twice a month to cover the bills) so I can’t confirm the colours in the same screen, but if I scroll down to ‘Withdrawals’ and tap on it, all the transactions are in green, have a ‘+’ sign, but no ‘£’ sign. And if I tap on ‘Deposits’ they are all black without any +/- and no ‘£’ either.

Definitely inconsistent. And between platforms too it seems.

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It seems as well that whilst none of the DD have the £ sign, the “Left to Pay”, which includes the DD, does have the £ sign.

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