[Android/iOS] Incorrectly offering loans on joint account transaction

(Phil) #1

Issue: On our joint account, we were offered a loan but it says “You’re eligible for a loan up to 0”.





These messages do occasionally show incorrectly on joint account. The 0 will be because JA doesn’t support lending. The overdraft one sometimes shows on the budget screen as well. I believe Monzo are working on a fix


You know it’s an expensive restaurant when you need a loan just to eat there! :joy:

But Tom Kerridge is an excellent chef!


Also getting this on joint account. Comes up with invalid account type.

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(Max Darby) #18

Slightly off topic, but anyone else think it’s awful to be offered a loan when it’s the last thing you think of… I mean I’m fairly responsible with money, but for those that aren’t, and for monzo to be a supposedly ethical company, throwing loans at people doesn’t give the best impression…

(Emma (still not the app)) #19

There’s a toggle in app to opt out of getting notifications for lending promotions