[iOS] Switching between joint and personal causes loan offer to disappear

In personal account I have the option to take a loan, switching to joint correctly causes this to disappear however on switching back to personal the loan option is not presented again and I have to kill the app to fix

Details to reproduce:
go to account tab on personal account and be presented with loan option to the left of main account, switch to joint account and loan option correctly disappears, switch back to personal account and account with pots are shown but no loan offer, switching tabs does not force the loan offer to show, only killing the app does

OS: iOS 12.1 beta 2
Device: iPhone 7 Plus
App Version: 2.18

None available due to sensitive data on these screens

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Didn’t even realise Monzo were offering Loans. Not a helpful post i’m afraid :slight_smile:

Huh? This is a bug report not a feature announcement :no_mouth:

Apologies I meant MY post wasn’t helpful not yours!
Sorry for the confusion there.

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Oh I get you now sorry, long day! :rofl:

No worries! Hope you get sorted :grinning: