Monzo for Android - Release Notes (v.1.22.1)

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Hey everyone,

Here’s the release notes for the current Android app.

If you’re abroad and upgrading, you’ve now got the option to have your new card shipped to wherever you are in the world.

We’ve also added some more options for merchant feedback, and made it easier to re-order a new card if yours doesn’t show up in the post.


Please share your feedback below :heart:

Monzo for Android - Release Notes (v.1.21.0) [Pulse!]
Community Roundup - 2/3/2018

I really hate to be a party pooper but been trying to get used to pulse for a couple of weeks now and I just can’t get on with it.

Is there an option somewhere where we could disable it ?

I just feel it takes up too much real estate on the home page, maybe it would be more suited to a separate ‘spending’ tab or something like that ?

Just on a slightly different subject. Is there a way for monzo to try and not be ‘smart’ when it comes to classifying expenses?
For example i may buy some flights for work with flybe so I will mark these as ‘expenses’. I may then buy some flights later on which are actually for personal use. Monzo will then try and be ‘smart’ and mark that as expenses when it isn’t .

For the first month marking this as expenses was super useful. However now I just don’t bother with it, this month i had about 20 Amazon purchases marked as ‘expenses’ of which none were (just because I marked a few purchase as expenses a few months ago.)


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V.1.23.1 is now here! Read all about it and share your feedback here :point_down:

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