[Android] Incorrect number of loan repayments display bug

Issue: If you pay the first repayment (possibly any) of a Monzo loan early (using the “make this payment early” feature, it isn’t counted as a repayment for counting purposes. My second loan repayment (left to be paid automatically) is listed as “1 of 24” when in fact it is 2 of 24.

Details to reproduce: Take out a Monzo loan, pay the first repayment early.
OS: Android 8
Device: Huawei P30 Pro
App Version: 2.63.0


@niamhpower - sorry for the direct tag, but is this an issue the Loans team is aware of do you know?

nope wasn’t aware of this! thanks for flagging - should be something we can fix from the back-end :tada:

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Hi @niamhpower, it’s a new month and it looks like the issue is occurring still:


This should be my third payment but is showing as 1 of 24. I’ve not raised with chat, but would see this as quite important considering it’s related to loan repayments.

Hey - thanks for flagging this again - I’ll chase up with the back-end engineers for fixing this ASAP.

Quick question, when you go through to Manage Loan does it show the payment schedule correctly? :slight_smile:

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It looks right to me - “over the next 22 months”, guessing that will go down to 21 after my repayment tomorrow.

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Hey @niamhpower, any ideas if this is still on the team’s radar? It’s another month and this is still wrong - it’s loan repayment 4 of 24, not 2 of 24 as the screen wrongly shows :frowning:

Just an update to say this is still incorrect. @niamhpower do you know if this is still on the team’s list to be fixed?

Thanks for raising this again :grinning: Sorry we didn’t get to it sooner.

I’ve just deployed a fix to sort this out, but it’ll only affect future transactions.

When we were working out that number we’d check how many scheduled payments you’d made. But we wouldn’t include payments where you’d paid your monthly amount early in the count!

Including them was a bit tricky. We couldn’t immediately tell whether a manual payment was reducing all your future payments (in which case we didn’t want to count it), or paying off your whole next schedule payment (in which case we did want to count it).

Instead, we’ve tweaked it to take the total length of your loan, minus the number of payments you have left.

So if you have a 24 month loan and you have 4 payments left, we can confidently say that your most recent payment was number 20, regardless of whether you’d paid some of those 20 early :tada:

Sadly it’s prohibitively difficult to go back and fix this for old transactions, but let us know if everything looks good on your next one!


Thanks for looking into this @eliot.

I’ve got the feed item for my loan repayment tomorrow but it still seems incorrect. Is this because the tweak was only applied to the wording once a payment has actually been taken? I’ll report back tomorrow once it’s paid.

It’s showing as 4 of 24, but should be 6.

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Hi @eliot this was still wrong when my loan payment was taken out a couple of weeks ago.

Any chance you can take another look?