[Android] Vendor history shows wrong total spent and number of payments

The “Your VENDOR history” under a payment (which happens to be a recurring payment) shows total 9 payments for that vendor when I’ve only made 6. It also shows the total spent as 9 x each payment, rather than 6 x (all payments are the same amount).

This happens for multiple different scheduled payments, and I’ve also found it happening on one non scheduled payment too (though that has one LESS payment listed than there actually is).

Only just noticed so no idea how long it’s been happening.

Details to reproduce:
Tap on a payment in the feed. Scroll down to the Your VENDOR history section. The Total spent and Number of transactions section do not tally with the lost shown when you tap Number of transactions. The list is accurate, the total/number and inaccurate.

Android 8.1.0
Moto G5S Plus
App Version:

After tapping on a payment

After tapping Number of payments in above screenshot (in two parts as I had to scroll down. All payments shown)

Your screenshots do show an issue - all fire and rainbows :wink:

What happens if you tap on ‘Number of payments’ in the payment details - does it show 6 entries or 9 entries?

I’ve checked the history of my D/D’s & scheduled payments and they all seem OK. Not what you want to hear of course. Maybe try a Force stop the Monzo app, the open & check?

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The screen that shows when I tap number of payments is shown in the second two screenshots - sorry, should have made that clearer. Have edited OP for clarity!!

Tried a force close and no luck unfortunately.

Thanks for the clarification. Seems weird this one. I have to ask - have you tried uninstalling the Monzo app, restarting your phone, re-installing the Monzo app, logging in & checking if it is still incorrect?

I have not, and I knew that was coming haha! I’ll give it a go now and report back…

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That fixed it!!! That was a very weird bug. I’ll keep an eye out in case it happens again… Thanks :smile:

On the plus side, this process also reminded me to update my email with Monzo.

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Good to hear it’s all OK now! :+1: