[Android] Fingerprint unlock and authentication disabled after update

Before updating to the latest Monzo app from Google Play (yesterday I believe), both the “Use fingerprint unlock app” option and the “Use fingerprint for authentication” option were enabled and working as expected, but after the app was updated they were automatically disabled. After enabling them again, everything works just fine but they shouldn’t have been disabled in the first place.


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Would you be able to walk me through this?

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The options were enabled before installing the new version of the monzo app through the google play store. After the installation, they were disabled and I could access the app without using the fingerprint. I didn’t disable those options, it happened through the update.

If someone enables the fingerprint unlock it’s probably because they want or need a second layer of security aside from the phone lock screen so if an update disables this feature then it defeats the purpose.

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Just an update on this. After the latest upgrade of the Monzo app the fingerprint settings remained unchanged.

This bug seem to be back on the beta version, every time I update “Use fingerprint to unlock app” is disabled :frowning:.


Happened to me for the first time today on the beta update


Can confirm fingerprint also disabled itself for me today.

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This occasionally happens on iOS too. Probably had it happen 10-15 times since joining Monzo

Mine has happened multiple times since last week. Seems to be a daily occurrence at the moment.

Android 8.0
App 2.34.1

I’ve noticed the same issue with my beta install. 2.34.0 seemed to keep disabling fingerprint auth. for the app, although the fingerprint for payments was still active.

2.34.1 has just been installed on my phone, so have to see if that fixes it.

Same just happened with me. Version 2.34.1. Fingerprint disabled by itself for both app unlock and payment authorisation.

This keeps happening to me. Every day I’m seeing the unlock with fingerprint setting being reset to ‘off’.

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I spoke to COps today, and they advised me to re-install the application. I’ve tried this now, and will see if it fixes the issue.

Yeah I’ve definitely noticed this issue. It does keep happening to me.

+1 this is happening to me frequently at the moment.

I’ve just noticed it’s happened to me again since the last beta update (which also triggered this)

OK this has just happened to me again for a 3rd time now since this reared its head recently

When I mentioned the forum thread of COps, they suggested they hadn’t had many reports directly - I wonder whether this will get more visibility if folk use the in-app chat to let COps know?

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Hmmmm, I’ll send them an in-app message as well.

Same for me. Fingerprint to unlock was disabled. Fingerprint to pay was still enabled.