Android App version 2.4.0

The fingerprint payment authorisation works well but the Settings menu order could be refined to put all fingerprint items together.
It’s also good to see that member since date appears to be fixed with the date now showing the original date of joining rather than the date of conversion to current account.
Customer number and date joined would I think be nicer at the top of settings though rather than buried at the bottom please.PSX_20180630_142057


Mmhh, why does the “Hide Monzo from recent apps” only appear if you have fingerprint capable device? Surely it’s a security measure for everyone.

I’m still surprised there isn’t an option to protect the app with a pin itself! :thinking:

(doesn’t show for me on the beta 2.4.0 and my device doesn’t have nfc or fingerprint tech)


On the beta app they are grouped together. :face_with_monocle:


Might that just be because the other option is missing instead of by design? Curious :thinking:

Hide Monzo from recent apps only appears if you enable using a fingerprint to unlock the app.

I can understand the logic; if someone has your phone they can open the app anyway. But I’d still like the option of hiding for when I’m showing something and need to switch apps.