Face ID Disabled

Not sure what happened, but for no reason whatsoever Face ID to log into the app stopped happening this afternoon and I had to switch it back on in settings.

I haven’t changed any settings on the phone, reset the app or restarted the phone.

Is this just me?

I’ve had this happen before if there’s been a few incorrect unlocks to get into the app or when the app has updated.

Could any of these been a factor?

Happened to me a couple of days ago

Happened only once after app update but long time ago

Happened a few time with updates for me or when I changed fingerprints on the system. I do think there should be a prompt when you change fingerprint though.

Whenever the app is uninstalled and reinstalled it forgets all settings related to biometrics, along with a couple of other one-time messages showing up again. This might happen when you log out and back in again as well.

Incidentally, if logging out and logging back in again doesn’t require Face ID, if someone gets hold of your phone while unlocked they could get access to your Monzo account :thinking:

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Nothing has updated and I haven’t had any failed logins.

Though if I had theoretically had failed logins, it makes no sense to then render the app completely insecure?

It was fine this morning, and no uninstall or anything happened. Just looked at my account as usual and noticed no security at all.

Reported previously already: Touch ID keeps disabling

(Touch ID/Face ID uses the same underlying API)

Just another example of Monzo moving too fast and breaking too many things. Starting to get quite annoying actually. Same story with the “clear” button on dismissable feed events (card checks, etc); this bug has been there for over a year now.


Move fast, break things is definitely my preferred strategy too. I love it!


I mean I’m all in for moving fast and temporarily breaking things, but this has been going on for a while now; not acceptable in my opinion.


Not sarcasm. It’s how things improve fastest.

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Yeah, I’m also quite forgiving of this approach. That maybe because they haven’t broken anything that’s particularly important to me, of course.

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I don’t mind it normally. I think maybe security of opening the app is slightly beyond my line.

I didn’t realise it was a known issue. It didn’t affect me this time but it probably should be fairly high on a bank’s agenda to secure their app properly!


I don’t use the app security so there’s the difference. If I thought it was important, I’d probably agree with you.


Same here.

For the record, I am against this feature, but I believe if it exists then it should be bulletproof and not disable itself randomly after app updates.


I’ve had Face ID for authentication randomly switch off a few times meaning I’m prompted for the PIN when sending money etc.

I found Face ID for authentication (payments etc) randomly switched off again today. Not sure if it is from the last update or because I was randomly logged out of the app yesterday whilst using it?
Has anyone noticed if Face ID is disabled when logging back in after getting kicked out?

Just had this happen today. Opened the app and expected to see the Face ID login but it went straight through, checked the settings and it was turned off.