[Android/iOS] Fingerprint app lock automatically disabled


I don’t know if anyone else is having this issue, but I’ve setup my fingerprint so that I have to use it to open the app. However, twice in the last 2 days this has been automatically disabled which I know for a fact I have not done, mainly because you need to use your fingerprint to disable the feature.

This has happened to my partner and I twice in the last 2 days.

My device is a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 running Android 9, whilst my partner’s is Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) running Android 8, both are using the latest version of the Monzo app.

Please can this be fixed for security purposes as soon as possible?


This sometimes happens to me when my finger print is wrong 3 times. Not saying it is the case with you.
Every time I try to use app with non readable fingers (usually after getting out of shower) it then disables Touch ID for about 30 mins and I can only log in via magic link. (It’s also removed as an option in this time period)
Then I have to turn it back on in options when it reappears.
Not sure if this is what happens to you but putting in case it might be.

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This has happened to me today on iOS with Face ID, but rather than being for app unlock it was actually for authentication in-app. I only realised when I went to complete a payment and it asked for my PIN instead of using Face ID.

This has happened to me several times over recent months both with app unlock and in-app authentication, and I haven’t even logged out of the app overall (which normally tends to toggle them off). Does anyone know what causes this as it is quite annoying?

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They’re apparently working on a fix according to someone’s COps chat I think.


This has literally just happened to me again in the last hour. The same for my partner too. It’s like some sort of factory reset for the app that keeps happening every 24hrs give or take. Definitely needs prioritising I’d say for security purposes.

As per other thread, if this issue is important to you, make sure to vote for it at the top of the page

(You only have a limited number of votes, so choose them wisely)

I already have thanks.

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Is votes a new thing? :thinking:

Yeah since yesterday to help them prioritise things

Wow in owen wilson voice

So when do votes get reset etc if you dont mind me asking and is this just to vote on bugs orrrr?

Didnt see an announcement for this

** just seen above post while i was commenting… cheers :+1:

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I’m presuming it’s like Freetrade and once it’s done the topic is closed and votes returned. Not well publicised


I only saw the link above from someone else when it was quoted on a post yesterday, so I am more paying it forward than having seen it widely advertised :slight_smile:


I think the voting system is a good idea for prioritising items.

However, I think that any security related issue shouldn’t have to be voted for. Security fixes should go straight to the top of the list automatically.



I realized this issue after every update of the app on Android. Can you please make sure the updates are not overwriting user security settings?

Kind regards

Since, historically, Bug Report threads haven’t been closed when the bug is fixed, I think just removing your vote from the post when the bug is fixed is the best idea.


Hopefully now they’ve started the votes they will reassess how the topics are dealt with


No matter how many times I enable this, it disables. It’s rather frustrating!

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Yeah me too. Enabled it about 5 times today and it just keeps losing the setting. Seems like a pretty serious security bug!

Just to reassure you, money cannot be moved from your account without entering your pin or fingerprint. Also your phone is locked anyway. A lot of people are happy not to lock the app because it’s already safe.