[Android] Cannot authorise split payments using fingerprint

Issue: Cannot authorise split payments using fingerprint

Details to reproduce: Person requests money for split transaction, go to settle as usual, attempt to confirm with fingerprint, the request for a fingerprint refreshes 3 times, after the third attempt it no longer requests a fingerprint unless backing out and trying again. It must be stated, fingerprint auth works logging in to the Monzo app.
OS: Android 9
Device: Samsung S10+
App Version: 3.0.0

Screenshots: Had to turn fingerprint auth off to process the payment, so haven’t got any screenshots to hand.

I sometimes find, on various banking apps, when a fingerprint is to be used (logging in, authorising payments, etc) it either doesn’t recognise my finger is on the the reader, or it says it’s not the correct finger.

If I lock and unlock my phone while the fingerprint prompt is up and not responding, it doesn’t ask for my pin or anything, just goes back in to the banking app with the prompt.

I find a way to get around this is by locking and unlocking my phone multiple times, causes the phone to lock, I unlock, and then the fingerprint prompt works again!

I’ve got a oneplus 5t running android 9

This issue doesn’t even return an invalid fingerprint error - it seems to recognise that I’ve applied my thumb (which is what I use on the S10+), but just doesn’t return any error or indication of why it won’t authorise it.

I must have attempted about 4 times (if i’m right, that’s 12 fingerprint attempts) yet could close the app or restart my phone and reopen the app and login by fingerprint first time, only to have this fail repeatedly again.