✅ [Android] Issue when receiving transaction approval to joint account

I think there is a bug when receiving a merchant transaction approval if your monzo app has the opposite account currently selected. It shows a blank screen and does not allow the transaction to be approved. To solve this I cancelled the transaction on the merchant site, then switched accounts and made the transaction again.

Hi, I get this bug too.

When i make a purchase online I get the message on the web page to approve the transaction on my app. My phone (Samsung 9) has a notification to approve the transaction which I click and I get a blank screen.

I think it happens when I’m purchasing with my personal card but the app was last used on my joint account, or vice versa.

In order to get around it I press back on the app, and then change to the other account where I can then approve the transaction.

It’s happened about 4 or 5 times on different purchases.

Bump - I get this too - Monzo are you aware?

I think this is fixed now?

All I can say is that I haven’t seen this bug since I reported it. But I haven’t specifically tested for it.

Hmm I’m still getting it on Android