3DS confirmation screen is blank


When approving a 3DS transaction for the non-active account the approval screen is blank. For example, if the app is in personal account mode and you make a payment on your joint account this will trigger the bug. My partner noticed this the other day, didn’t know what to do (it’s quite confusing/disconcerting) and cancelled the transaction.

Details to reproduce:

  • App is set to personal account
  • Make online purchase that requires 3DS on joint account
  • Tap approval notification
  • Blank approval screen appears
  • You can back out of the screen, switch accounts and tap the feed item, however, this isn’t at all intuitive.

Android 8.1

One Plus 5

App Version:
2.20 (also happens on non-beta)

The blank screen in all its empty glory:

Android Joint Account Verified by Mastercard (3D Secure) issue

Giving this a bump as it’s still an issue on the latest version (2.22.0). It’s workaround-able, but still bad UX.

(Scott Cariss) #3

So when I buy something online with my Monzo card I am presented with the 3d secure challenge where I have to authorise the payment via the app. I think this is great and is the best 3d secure challenge implementation I have seen so far.

However, I am having an issue with this system when making payments on my joint account. While not a feature breaking bug, it’s an annoyance, to say the least. I’ve tried searching the forum and cannot see anyone else reporting it. However, I’m sure more active community members might be able to point me to where someone else has.

Pixel 3
Android Pie 9
Monzo App - Beta Tester

To reproduce:
Open the Monzo app and make sure the account selected is your personal account and not your joint account.
Make a purchase online using your joint account card where 3d secure is done.
Depending on your setup you may be presented with an app notification that there is an outstanding 3d secure authorisation.
Click the notification to be taken to the transaction in the app to authorise.
You will be presented with a blanked transaction screen with no way to authorise the transaction.

What I expect to happen:
To be presented with the transaction to authorise.

at the point of the blank screen
click back
go to accounts
switch to joint account
go to transactions
find the latest transaction to authorise
click it and proceed to authorise the transaction

It seems clear to me that the notification you get is assuming that the authorisation is originating from your main account and is so trying to load up the transaction there rather than first switching to the right account first.

Anyway, that is all. Looking forward to a fix.


Yup, this is the exact the same issue I’m seeing @l3rady. Thanks for adding the detailed steps to reproduce :+1: As you’ve stated, there is a workaround but it’s somewhat cumbersome.

The issue also occurs “the other way around”, i.e. if you make a personal account 3DS purchase, and the app is in joint account mode, you get the same frustrating blank screen.

(Nick) #5

I also see this bug

(Matijaz Pecnik) #6

me too!