Top bar on Monzo

Just thought it was odd that it didn’t fit on the screen or over two lines

(On Android)

Looks as it should on my device (Pixel 2XL), as does the Joint Account too;

Must be a screen resolution/device screen size issue?

That looks like a tiny screen, what phone is it?

Although to be fair, there is a bit of space either side that the account title could use.

Huawei P20 Pro, so I wouldn’t say pushing the screen size much

6.1 inch screen

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Try making the displayed font size one setting smaller (settings/display/font size, usually) to see if it improves.

Set it to the smallest setting

Slightly better but not by much. Odd it wouldn’t default over two lines

That is two sizes below “normal” in my phone settings

Thanks for the suggestion though

Very odd. ignoring font size, do you have an overall display ‘zoom’ setting you can adjust, which usually makes everything (not just the font) look bigger/smaller where available?

Had a look but couldn’t see any specific settings and definitely none that I would have changed from whatever the default is

Never noticed anything like this on any other app or website

Same here. Never noticed it before but it’ll probably bug me every day now!!

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I have a P30 Pro with “display size” the smallest and it seems to display ok for me. If I increase the display size then I have the same problem. Try reducing the display size to the smallest and see if that sorts it.


If you read above, I have tried that and it gave me a couple of extra letters

Have you go the option to change both size and display? I have 2 options.