Android App, iOS App

My wife is on Android… I was on Android but switched to iOS a few months back (needed an iOS device for work). I remember the Android app being on par with the iOS app…

I now see the Android app on my wifes phone - and I’m envious… the layout is so much better! How long before the iOS app gets to catch up?

So much better how? Could it be that she’s toggled the new nav via labs and you haven’t (you can do so if you wish)?

Enabled labs… her ui looks different

I’ve both Android and Apple devices, there are some small differences and I prefer the Android version but I’ve only found the differences minor.

Looks different how?

What do you mean you enabled labs? Did you toggle the new navigation in labs?

Yep - toggled new nav. She doesn’t have this. Her ui looks like the iOS ui, but neater - and it’s easier to switch Joint accounts for her. Switching back to the old nav as the lab one feels a bit cluttered - can’t easily jump to old transactions like I could with the squiggle thing above

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