Android and iOS Apps

How come the Android App and iOS app look completely different. The app looks so much nicer and cleaner on IOS?

Its the same with a few apps but Monzo most definitely stands out

Nah mate.

They are. I am using the app on a 13 pro max and a pixel 6 pro and they do not look similar. It looks terrible on android

Can you provide comparative screen shots so we can see the difference (relevant bits blurred out of course)?

I’m using on a Google Pixel and tbh it looks fine to me, but as I am not running two OS concurrently maybe I won’t see what you are seeing.

Aside from #parity, there’s barely a difference between them.

How so?

We must be on polar opposite ends of the spectrum here!

In my opinion, the UI between both platforms is too similar for my liking. I always prefer, and have deep respect, for apps that adhere more closely to their respective system guidelines. Native apps feel good and build upon existing nurtured paradigms. Keeps things easy to use if you’re already comfortable using that system.

Deviate too far, like many apps who want to have their own UI language consistent across platforms and you lose some of that. Apps feel clunkier and harder to use on their respective systems.

In short, I prefer my banking app on iOS to look and feel like an iOS app on iOS, and an android app on android. Rather than something that is neither, but the same.

Monzo tries to do both (adhere to both guidelines whilst keeping the UI consistent), and the sacrifice is parity, because iOS is an afterthought. Android UI paradigms get fleshed out, whilst iOS ones tend to be done to the bare minimum and isn’t updates as the guidelines evolve. The date picker for instance when setting up scheduled payments.


Apps looking the same wasn’t my concern. It’s nice to have a difference. I mean the android app genuinely looks less polished

Honestly, could just be android. I’ve never been a fan of Google’s human interface design language. Apple’s has always felt more polished to me.

iOS apps that adhere to iOS guidelines have always looked and felt better to me than android apps that adhere to those guidelines.

Personal preference thing I think. Could equally be another result of the compromised best of both worlds approach they’ve tried to take. Utilises the conventions but doesn’t go far enough to polish it. It’s the same on iOS too, but perhaps less noticeable on the surface.