Way too iOS centric

Apart from the fact that the Android app is way, way behind still - after so many promises of parity, ‘soon’.

Just saw this tweet… We don’t have an account tab in the Android app. (It’s under ‘card’)



I think it changes to ‘account’ when pots arrive (next week). We are a little behind, but not by much.


How far behind is it really?


Nothing major has changed in probably about a year. We have the transaction list with transaction information screen when you click on a transaction.

Other than that, the card screen with forgotten PIN, top up and freeze. Then the ability for basic payments and direct debits and that’s it. No graphs, nothing fancy at all.

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I don’t studiously compare the apps but I’ve seen a LOT of dev happening on the Android app. There’s a thread somewhere detailing them as they come out. I’ll try and find it.

Found it: Monzo for Android - Beta Channel

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This is my fault! I’m on the beta of the Android app and it’s called Account :see_no_evil: I’d forgotten that release wasn’t public yet. But it’s coming!


While I agree there is a lot to be done for Android App to becaome like iOS but tbh Android Pay was huge for some of us. I started using Monzo for everything since Android Pay launch


@tristan you must be on some closed beta because I am on Beta and it still says Card :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s an internal beta :slight_smile:

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I found one small iOS centric example on Help section of Android, Testflight information.
I am guessing help is same for Android and iOS but would be nice to have bit of platform specific update at some point.


Was going to say - I’m on the Play Store beta.

I’m just impatient, but it’s been such a long time now since anything changed.

I’m probably more impatient because I closed my Starling account because I didn’t agree with them getting involved with Universal Credit. I have no other current accounts now!

I think the overdraft is the main thing I need to have it be fully fully usable for me.

But it is mildly annoying seeing in (press) releases and Monzo staff, talking as if iOS is always the default.

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He’s on a super-advanced beta to allow maximum trolling. :wink:

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Is it going to public beta today? :see_no_evil:

It’s always been like this. You’ll get used to it.

You know you can unlock trolling mode by entering the Konami code.

Oh yeah… Way too iOS centric… we get all the good stuff, like apple pa… Oh wait…

Although pulse is missing from android, they do both have features the other one doesn’t. I really would say android is “Way, way behind”. It’s not like the base product is changed at all, it’s all enhancement features. Would have to disagree with the topic in general, as android does has Android pay and NFC activation, where iOS has pots a couple of weeks in advnace… Hardly that behind! :smile:

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Monzo, please stop using American spelling.


We need someone with and iPhone and Android to confirm. There was someone knocking about a while back.

But there’s loads of stuff missing from Android, big things like the graph and loads of little bits such as in-app reporting of incorrect merchant data. All these small things add up and make the Android app look very sparse compared to iOS.

Apple Pay is only down to Apple themselves being slow I imagine, and having NDA agreements as mandatory. As with NFC activation, I believe that may never happen on iOS as they lock down the NFC chip and don’t allow it to be used by third parties.

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I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve seen an announcement, started reading into it and realised it’s been iOS only “for now”.
Android doesn’t even have merchant feedback yet.

I’ll admit the android app is coming along leaps and bounds, but it has often felt like the android app has been a tac on with the iOS being the main product.

Believe me, when you see the graph, you’ll regret saying it’s a big thing. It could be a big thing in time, with development, but right now it’s window dressing.