[Android] Account revealed before fingerprint screen

It may have been reported before (I know someone has mentioned it in the Google Play Store reviews) but I think it’s important. I’ve noticed that when opening the Monzo app (when you have fingerprint enabled) you first get a very brief glimpse of your account home screen before the fingerprint input screen come up. As you may have realised, I’m using Android.

Just had a go with mine and it didn’t do it. What version are you on?

Also it might be worth getting this moved to the bug reports section :bug:

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Version 2.38.0 (updated 8/3/2019). The home screen flashing up doesn’t always happen (it didn’t just now) but I’ve yet to figure out when it does and doesn’t. It may only do it when I use the app first thing after the phone comes out of standby, but I’m not sure. Once I’ve got a bit more to go on I’ll re-post.


I’ve just given this a go with my Pixel 3XL, Android Q, Monzo 2.39.0

Before the fingerprint screen appears I also see a brief glimpse of my monzo feed.

It’s happened for a while but I don’t really bother with the fingerprint lock on the monzo app so I’ve not noticed it for a while :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve also moved this post from Help to Bug Reports :innocent:


No worries. I’ll keep an eye out for it happening myself too.

The extra details will help Monzo replicate the issue and hopefully fix it quicker :+1:

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Yup I get the same. Running Android P on Pixel XL 2. I can recreate it if I force close the app then open again, it always does it

Same here on a Pixel 3 with Android 9 (5 March 2019 patch level) app 2.39.0 - shows the Monzo screen, the feed and then switches to fingerprint id.

I’ve also currently got it where I come out of the app, and go back and no prompt for authentication. If I want to force fingerprint, I’ve got to forcibly close the app.

Oh yeah, I’ve got that (go back in after having Monzo open and you don’t get fingerprint request). I think that’s a time-out setting, reopen within a short period and you just go straight in. By the way I’m on an Umi F1 running Android 9, forgot that bit sorry.

This also happens for me.

I’ve noticed this. Usually only happens when opening the app from a spend notification.

I haven’t spent any time involved in the development of mobile apps for many, many years but I recall that it was the case that mobile operating systems would often simulate the appearance of an active application by storing a copy of the application’s last known view and presenting that to the user while the application actually initialised. I suspect if this is still the case that you’re seeing the last visible state of the application. You could probably test if this is correct by opening the app, navigating to a non-default section (e.g: payments) then switch to a different application, then try and open Monzo from your home screen and see if you see a glimpse of the last view or not. If this is the case there may be an option somewhere in settings to disable the behaviour.

Edit: looks like it’s developer controlled in Android so I’m guessing maybe Monzo are using it and the auth check is kicking in after the saved state is presented when they should not save UI state when a user has additional auth enabled.


I have the same opening with no face id option, even when app closed completely, opens straight up to account summary, latest updated ios version

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