Issue with balance showing prior to log-in

Issue: When logging into the app, prior to fingerprint ID, my balance flashes up quickly. This happens every time I log in.

Details to reproduce:
OS: Android
Device: Google Pixel 3a
App Version: 3.68.0


Try enabling settings > privacy and security> hide monzo from recent apps.

I think that might be an iOS setting, can’t see it in my Android options.

I’m android too,

When you can see your transactions, swipe down, then click the cog in the top right, then click privacy and security.

Ok, what am I missing?

Hmm weird, there’s nothing in labs that I have on or off that I would imagine could affect this, what phone do you have?

I’m on the beta app, but I’ve had this option for a long time.
Mine’s a pixel 5

I have the same options as @HoldenCarver :raised_hand:

As I typed this the setting just appeared. Perhaps it was cached :scream:

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Looks like you have to have unlock with biometrics turned on to see the option.

Is that the case for you?