Sneak Peek : Fingerprint Authentication on Android!

(Simon B) #1

I was about to take a screenshot, but @HughWells beat me to it! :hot_coral_heart:

Another thing about to get ticked off the Big List! Using Fingerprint authentication to send payments on Android :grinning:

Should be landing early next week - the staff testing build just went live for us :grinning:

(Andy) #2

Out of curiosity do all staff test or at least have the opportunity to test the app or is it limited to certain people?

(Simon B) #3

All staff have the opportunity to test if they want to :grinning:


And if all Monzo staff send Rika 10p she should have enough to buy a meal


Or enough to buy half a London pint!


Whoop whoop!

I know this is pathetically pedantic but it makes my eye twitch when things like this have a header that is immediately repeated in the body.

How fingerprint authentication is presented in Android is also probably one of the few things I prefer in iOS. :open_mouth:


I think I’d sleep easier if it was centred but realize that’s probably not possible. :sweat_smile:

(Marcus Nailor) #9

What about non-staff? :wink::eyes::innocent:

(Wayne Tsai) #11


(Jack) #12

…Now :sunglasses:


FYI: You do have to opt-in within the settings to enable it, after updating the app.

Also, much :heart:️ for changing the header :monkey:


On a side note, I quite like the new(?) help section and it looks like there are loads more super specific help articles - nice.


This works and its great for payments but still no Fingerprint Authentication support for in-app PIN recovery. Hope this is being worked and will be offed soon.

(Sunjay Bhogal ) #16

Great to have to have this feature on my Samsung Note 8


Got it on ios. Worryingly it doesn’t seem to need a pin to log in. Forced closed and still open. Had to reactive the touch id as seemed to have turned itself off.

(Richard Cook) #18

And it’s live!

(Simon B) #19

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