[Android] A few issues/bugs I have found (Android - 2.63.0)

Payment summary says only 2 payments to this service. When looking at all payments 6 are present.

When looking at all payments received from an account, the page states that the money received is displayed as spent.

These are both small issues but still something that confused me when I first spotted them.
Sorry if these have already been reported

Hello Harry. Welcome to the community!

Hi Harry, welcome.

Is this bug on 2.63.0 or 2.36.0 as the title states?

If this is 2.36.0 it may be worth testing on 2.63.0.

Is it because they’re PayPal transactions that have been grouped into First Bus? It may be that they’ve been linked separately 2 as First Bus, 4 as First Bus incorrectly instead of just as one. When you tap, it may just be searching by name and display all of them. Just a guess.

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Thank you

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My apologies it is version 2.63.0 not 2.36.0

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