Possible Bug report: Merchant details

(Roland George) #1

Possible Bug report: There seems to be a bug in the count of payments and total for a merchant on the payee summary screen. e.g. when I select hellofresh it only says 2 payments when there in fact are many more. If I then tap on the word transactions it shows all the past transactions except for the latest two. This bug only appears for this merchant and not all.

EDIT: I think that this may be because hellofresh has beeen listed twice in Monzo’s merchant database. The latest transactions have a different logo to the previous ones.


This is a common problem and something I hope Monzo plans to address. I wrote about a similar thing in a different post: Four Transaction Merchant Data Issues.

(Roland George) #3

Your post explained the issue much better than I did! Thanks for pointing me to your thread :+1: