Amazon refusing to refund/replace an item stolen by a delivery driver

“Earth’s most customer centric company” is quite the tagline!


“My feedback is it should not have taken all this effort to get my money back”


Right?! I get that CS have to follow a script but this has been an awful experience, I daren’t order anything from Amazon again…

Though I feel guilty that a man is most definitely about to lose his job.

Who could’ve been the culprit to steal your iPad so it’s swings and roundabouts really.


They need to make delivery more secure that’s for certain!

Why? He is a thief and the reason why you have been under all they stress.


Amazon staff lose their jobs for much less, so nothing to feel guilty about here. I’m glad it’s worked out ok for you as that’s a lot of money to have go missing.

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Won’t it depend if they press for criminal charges? Then this will flag on checks made by future employers? Otherwise they’ll likely just move onto another delivery company who will be on a recruitment drive given the time of year.

Either way I agree. Everyone knows stealing is wrong, so when you make the decision to do it you also have to account for the fact that you will suffer the consequences if caught.