eBay v Amazon

(Simmy) #1

So which one is best in your opinion ?

I know Amazon has prime delivery etc but for some reason I find eBay to be the best


I very rarely use Ebay anymore but like you mentioned thats partly because of Amazon Prime. I’ve also had worse experiences with products when shopping on Ebay.


Both too big but unavoidable these days ha

(Jack) #4

Always been an amazon fan. Told them tell you why. I think I’ve always associated eBay with second hand items, even though they both do this :man_shrugging:t3:

(Simmy) #5

I only ever sell/buy items with " Buy It Now ", saves so much time and hassle.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #6

I very much regard eBay as a source for unusual items, often second-hand. I’d struggle to buy anything new, but I’ve frequently sold stuff there.

I’m just so used to the increasingly easy (it seems) returns process with Amazon as well.


I’ve had an Amazon account since 2004 - 14 years yikes! Have to say I last used eBay often when I resold Xbox 360’s back in the day. I only buy neiche items on it now, and that’s once or twice per year. Amazon Prime rules the roost unfortunately.

(Ashley) #8

Both very different in my opinion, Amazon 90% of the time but you can grab a second hand deal on eBay.

(Kieren) #9

I used to swear by eBay but now I have prime I swing more towards Amazon…

Can we all agree that eBays selling fees are ridiculous though (especially when on top of PayPal fees)

(Simmy) #10

oh definitely.

About 7 year ago i sold an iPhone for £200 and they charged me £30 !!

(Graham - Mental health professional) #11

Blimey, I’ve never really paid much attention. Problem exacerbated by the delay in the call for payment of those fees.

Mind you, selling something on Amazon attracts some eye-watering charges too.

(Kieren) #12

hasn’t gotten any better - sold my Apple Watch S2 on there for £250 and cost me £60 between PayPal and eBay

(Dan) #13

Amazon for buying and eBay for selling (I never use eBay for selling).

Facebook (as much as I despise Facebook) has a better platform for selling in my opinion with zero fees, but without the protection. Notwithstanding, eBay’s protection for sellers is absolutely rubbish anyway.

Amazon very quickly has become my favourite online provider. I have a Prime membership and use Amazon Fresh to get my groceries quickly, easily and cheaply. I never use Prime Video/Music/Books as I believe Netflix and a competitor for music services serves a better experience. I still prefer to read a hard copy of a book rather than an electronic version, although I’d like to depend less on books as we move into a more environmentally aware society.

(Ben Bristow) #14

Amazon all the way. Especially due to Prime. Seems more reputable (even though it does have a lof of scammy stuff on it).


Always amazon! Love prime delivery and 2 hour delivery

(Eve) #16

Amazon, definitely. eBay’s customer service is non-existent (and PayPal) and Amazon CS goes to great lengths to help you if anything happens. eBay isn’t even good for sellers because the fees are high. If you have Amazon prime you basically can buy the world by the next day.


I love when amazon refunds you and tells you to keep the item!

(Matthew Jones) #18

I haven’t used ebay in forever. Amazon delivers quickly, their customer service is amazing and I’m a shareholder so those sales are just helping that share price…


I use eBay for second hand books with credit I’ve converted with Nectar points. That’s pretty much it to be honest.

Most of the time if I I’m looking to buy something second hand on eBay people are bidding more than it costs for the item new with free delivery on Amazon. It’s weird.

I sold my old bike for more than it cost new that way. :man_shrugging:

(Ashley) #20

Another positive note about amazon, I contacted them last week as I wanted to change the payment date for my prime subscription… reason being it came out on the 22nd and I want it to be the 2nd instead just after salary date. Personally I like all my bills to leave early and then I can spend/save the rest! They said not to worry, contact them on the 2nd of July and they’ll refund me the whole month of june(for no reason) and start the subscription from the 2nd so I don’t lose any prime settings.

What more can you ask for? :blush: