Amazon Customer Service

I’ve literally just spent 30 mins with Amazon customer service team via chat, I now feel like I need to bang my head off the wall over and over.

I’ve got an item on an installment plan, they took the 1st payment a month ago, all was fine.

They should of taken the 2nd payment on the 6th May, I’ve had no transaction or emails about it. Went into the app discovered what they claim to be a failed payment, not really possible as it’s the same Monzo card I use.

CS - have you spoken to the bank it’s their issue
Me - no it’s your issue so please don’t try to palm me off already
CS - it’s your card expiry date it’s run out
Me - not possible it’s not 2024 yet
CS - what’s the order number
Me - give the details over and then get passed to someone else in whatever team deals with the installments
CS - payment isn’t due yet that’s why it’s not been taken
Me - yeah but it is and why you claiming it’s declined if it’s not due yet
CS - copies and pastes an entire script about the installment plan into chat
Me - please don’t insult me with copy and paste and actually take ownership of the issue
CS - your payment isn’t due I’ve just told you that
Me - right ok then, let’s start with an easier question, when’s the 6th May
CS - 3 days ago
Me - correct, that was the 2nd installment date, so you’ll see we’re past that date and it is indeed due
CS - well you can’t do a manual payment until the due date
Me - we’re past the due date! I’ve tried taking the payment but it keeps wanting the full amount and not the installment
CS - after a few minutes, have you tried manually taking the payment
Me - I’ve told you several times I have, I’ll try again now.

As by magic it works now

So back to the chat I go. It’s all sorted now payment has decided to go through
CS - have you tried to follow the steps to take a manual payment
Me - I’ve just told you it’s gone through this time
CS - oh that’s good then

That was 10 mins ago and literally just as I’ve got to typing this line, she’s messaged me again. Asking if I’ve managed to resolve my issue with the payment.

Jesus 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦


It depends who you get! Most of them reply like they are bots :joy::joy:

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I wanted to fling my phone to be fair :sweat_smile:

It’s hard trying to watch your manners when they keep spamming the chat with copy and paste responses.

It didn’t help that throughout the entire chat she kept contradicting what she’d already said. One minute it’s this, next minute it’s that. Just make your mind up will you, that’s the problem with copy and paste, you’ve no idea what you’re actually saying :rofl:

And then bought a new one from Amazon?


I’ve had very good experiences with Amazon customer service. It probably does depend on who you get, but any company, especially one as large as Amazon, will be like that.

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Oh hell no :sweat_smile:

That’s quite a back and fro!

Glad to see it confirmed that it’s not just Monzo that can get things wrong.

Although I have to report that my most recent (overnight) interaction with Monzo was perfectly satisfactory.

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It wouldn’t of been too bad if either of the people on the case would have read anything I’d typed or even looked at the order. No point asking for an order number if you then don’t actually look at it 🤦

Trying to fob me off to the bank too, when it’s clearly not an issue at the banks side.

Nothing like trying to wash ones hands of the problem.

Yeah Amazon is a really weird one in terms of support. Sometimes it’s amazing, other times it’s so awful.

I had a phone that I returned stolen (presumably from the shop i returned it to as it was replaced for custard creams!). When trying to communicate with them, it was mostly automated emails. That was really stressful when it’s a £700 phone that’s gone missing.

But then I’ve also had a time when a parcel was late and not showing on tracking and they gave me a £5 voucher without me asking for anything.


Do what I do. Write out, in full, the whole problem and include what you’d like to happen, and if you get a copy–happy CS agent, just keep pasting your original full enquiry back at them, unchanged, every time.

Surprisingly effective, eventually, and it won’t wind you up in the meantime.


Amazon support is amazing with me they’re always giving vouchers to apologise and instant refunds without even having to return the item. Same as Amazon Now, it came 25 minutes late and they refunded my whole shopping and said I can keep it


Yes, I’ve had a £ voucher for a cock up! On the same tangent we got a Henry Hoover via Amazon and after 4 months the brush attachment collapsed. Phoned Amazon, got the old one collected and the next day got a whole new Henry. Phoned them back thinking there had been an error and was told [after much auto to and fro] that that is how they deal with replacement parts! Seems odd but now we have 2 Henry hoovers and not enough carpet. R-


They have one of the best support for a company in my opinion.

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Wow! Not in my postcode yet. Understandable as we are miles from anywhere grown up. R-

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