Amazon - no longer accepting Visa Credit Cards

Just had an email from Amazon saying that from January they’re no longer going to be accepting Visa Credit Cards.

They’ll still accept Visa Debit cards and all other cards (Amex, Mastercard, Eurocard).

That seems like a major development. Is this Amazon trying to force Visa to reduce their charges? Who will blink first?


actually - I’ve not double checked, it could just be a phishing email to get me to login to a fake site to give them my card details… Has anyone else had this email?

If it’s fake, Reuters have fallen for it too


I just got the email a couple of minutes ago. It was addressed to the full name on my Amazon account. The links in the email are to (not a random domain). And as noted in the title, it is Visa CREDIT cards only.

Clicking the link in the email to manage payment methods takes me to my already logged in Amazon account showing all the cards I have on file with them.


Just came here to say this too.

Was quite surprised tbh given all the chat about amex being the one with high fees, but then I have no actual insight so :woman_shrugging:

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How do you know it’s a fake @Revels

Yes, quite surprising and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a retailer (that accepts cards) not accepting both Visa and Mastercard?

A good workaround (but with no Section 75 protection) would be to use Visa credit cards via Curve.

I do agree that it seems like Amazon trying to use their huge market share to force Visa to reduce their fees. There aren’t many Visa credit cards either, so this may scare them into complying with Amazon’s demands to avoid a further loss of market share?


I don’t? OP was questioning if it was a phishing email.

I just googled “Amazon visa credit” and the top link was to Reuters with a news story for today. So if it is fake and a phishing email designed to get credit card details, then Reuters have also fallen for it. But it seems to be legit.


I actually missed your word “If” which changes your post completely.

Not your fault of course, but I also read it like you were stating it as a fake! :speak_no_evil:

Anyway; what are the transaction fees then? I didn’t realise there were different fees between debit and credit cards within the same scheme.


It’s just been on the BBC News!

Strange decision though, I always thought Amex fees were higher

Yeah, the fees differ between debit/credit/business cards even within the same scheme.

I used to work for one of the card terminal providers, but we only dealt with SMEs. I imagine Amazon’s fees are far lower than any of the companies I dealt with were able to negotiate.


Bbc news article BBC News -

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I wonder if visa will give in to this… they seem to be rapidly falling out of favour in the UK, both with merchants and card providers.

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I’ve verified the headers. This is real. Came from Amazon.

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Finally something real to mention on As a consumer, does it matter to me whether my card is Visa or Mastercard? (although admittedly only for credit cards)

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Amex may have higher fees, but Amazon could negotiate there own deal with Amex.

Visa will give in


Almost certainly a hard bluff.

An annoying one though. Neither Visa nor Amazon need to be making more money really. Making public a business spat over rates, feels a bit petty to me.

They don’t need to be making more money, but that’s business isn’t it?

Someone is looking at it and seeing 0.002% (Or whatever rate they’ve got) and thinking if they can get it to 0.001% then that will give them £x,xxx,xxx per year. They should definitely be pursuing that.


Sure, yes as I’m sure they already do but making it public just doesn’t come across well to me. Feels like they are airing their dirty laundry, and sort of threatening consumers with less choice so they can increase their margins, doesn’t feel like fair game


Storm in a tea cup, other retailers are available as are other payment method.