Amazon and the 'Extra Security' when buying online rule


Has anyone had any issues with buying something from Amazon at all recently since the new rules were introduced to verify a purchase when they’re made?

I’ve been trying to buy something on my credit card from them and it keeps getting declined with no passcode or prompt in the phone app asking to to approve it. I’ve gone to the card company to ask what’s going on and they’ve said it’s Amazon’s fault which I kinda find hard to believe as that means that no-one been able to buy anything from them for 10 days?


Try removing your card from the Amazon payment methods then re-adding it.

I have had the issue previously and deleting then re-adding solved it.

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I have had 3DS with Amex on Amazon for a large purchase in the last week.

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It sounds like your card card company hasn’t reached an agreement with Amazon which passes the fraud buck onto Amazon and so are soft declining the transaction.

If this is the case then sadly there’s nothing you can do except use another card.


+1 for vote with your feet and ditch the card.

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