Save money on Amazon by using Monzo


One of the advantages of using MasterCard!


I wonder how MasterCard profits from these promotions (this is not the only one - they’ve had similar stuff with Uber Eats).

Sure, it’s a nice bonus point for having MasterCard instead of Visa, but surely it’s not enough to make someone switch banks just for 5£ here and there?


I’ve seen both Visa and MasterCard run these sort of promotions over the past couple of months. Not really sure what purpose they serve since people don’t tend to pick a card based on whether it’s a MasterCard or not.


Visa do deals all the time :grin:

Check out this one if you’re a Google Pay user :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Meh, I wouldn’t consider a “chance to win” a deal. A deal is only when money actually ends up in my account for real.


I miss free travel Fridays with MC.


Have you got a link to this offer at Amazon? Probably not eligible since I already use Monzo as my 1-click payment method though

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Eh… Mine has always been set up this way :unamused:

I don’t seem to have been offered it either :angry:

It pop’d up for me as I used AMEX as my main card previously.

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Link to offer:

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I’m not eligible despite having a Visa as my default? :man_shrugging:t2:

I guess you are no longer eligible if you ever had a Mastercard on your account?

Indeed, I also have a couple of funding methods as I sometimes order stuff using a company card for the place that I volunteer for.

I wasn’t eligible :unamused::poop:

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Cant see where this has been added yet, but have an offer on at the minute

Pay with your Monzo (Mastercard) and get £10 off your order, items must be sold and supplied by Amazon.

Think we should have a post, where we can add Mastercard offers, I know Just Eat had the same prior to Christmas

Got a link? Can’t find any mention of this anywhere. How do you activate it?

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Believe it’s this offer but you need to be eligible for it -

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