Amazon currently giving a free £10 credit to anyone who adds MasterCard to OneClick

Amazon is giving people with a MasterCard £10 if you turn on one click and apply your MasterCard to it.
I’ve just gotten it on both my accounts.

The offer is only valid for customers who have been shown a banner ad to promote the offer. In order to use the offer, the customer must first click on the banner advertisement or a link in an e-mail and then carry out additional actions.

HM, when I click your link above it says that I am not eligible.

Good tip. Thanks Becky!

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It’s also only if you’ve never done it before.

They ran same promotion last year.

Given that the Amazon Platinum credit card on my account is a Mastercard, I was ineligible too.

You have to sign in, same as all Amazon deals they had a £10 voucher when you shop at a small business last week and week before that £10 when you create a wish list and week before that was play a song from Alexa or something - but sadly I’m not eligible I’m assuming it’s because i already have a MasterCard on there.

It’s worth checking the offer page regularly as it changes all the time.

Thanks but not eligible