Amazon Japan payment declined?

Hello there,

UK resident just tried to purchase items from Amazon Japan. Card registered with Amazon Japan ok and items bought.

I’ve had a notification on the app saying Declined “The exchange rate was £1 = ¥100.00”. I selected to buy items in Yen to avoid Amazon Yen to GBP exchange rate and I’ve not had anything communication from Amazon to say there is a problem?

Has anyone got any ideas on what’s going on?


Good selection.

Is the card frozen? Is there enough money on it?
I think you’ll need to contact COps who will be able to take a look at why that transaction failed.

I think it’s sorted now…looks like I messed up putting the expiry date in when I registered :roll_eyes::clown_face:

Weird that Amazon haven’t got back to me though. I just cancelled the order and redid it after I corrected the card info.

Thanks to Kieren in support who sorted it out within an hour :sunglasses:


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