Amazon Payments

I’ve noticed this has happened multiple times, now.

When I make a purchase through Amazon, they take my money almost immediately. They took this money on 9th August.

Today I woke to two notifications. A refund from Amazon for the purchase, and them immediately taking the money again.

Why does his happen? We’ve already received the goods and they had the money days ago, so why return it to the account and then collect it again?

This isn’t the first time this has happened with Amazon. It seems to strange when as far as I’m concerned, the transaction was finished when they took my money and shipped my item on 9th August.


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Ive also had issues with Amazon this week. They took a pound then immediately took the correct price. Waiting on a refund on the pound (like 4 days on) before I chase it up.

I’ve not lost out any money this way, but both of these just seemed like pointless steps.

Same. But I manually claimed it back. Have Amazon changed how they process payments perhaps?

The one pound seems to be an active card check. But this should only be fore new cards - which mine wasn’t.

But I have no idea what’s going on with the OP.

I have had a transaction be refunded then debited again when Amazon has gone over the 7 day pending presentation period for the original transaction.

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Looking at this, it seems that the first Amazon transaction was reversed because the authorisation hold we place on it expired (7 days).

It turns out Amazon really did want the money (not surprising) and just by chance their presentment happened to be in the file that was processed a bit later :+1:

Sorry for any confusion! :sweat:


I do wish there was a bit of variability in these holds so Monzo could handle dodgy merchants a bit better

Thanks for the clarification. That makes sense!

Amazon keep charging the £1 active card check if I haven’t made a purchase in, say, a couple of months.

It’s annoying because they don’t cancel the hold, they just let it expire after 28 days, so I have to manually claim the refund via the Monzo app every time I see them doing their silly active card check.

They do this fairly regularly, or if you add/remove a payment method :slight_smile:

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I am been using Amazon a lot recently and always use my Monzo account. Today I ordered 2 items totalling 13.98. This came out straight away at lunchtime. Now I have just had another 5.99 taken out which is the cost of 1 of the items. I have never had this happen before. I just called amazon and they said it’s preauthorisation and some of the money will go back in after 5 days. So I said if I was to order an item for £100 I have to make sure I have double the amount of money in because you take it twice and refund one eventually. That is ridiculous.

It would be the same with any bank. Monzo just makes it more obvious. Ask in-app if you can reverse one of the charges, show them as much proof as you can.

Not entirely sure why Amazon are preauthorising twice though.

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