Query re Amazon Charges please

The last couple of times I’ve ordered stuff from Amazon UK, I’ve received almost instantaneous in-app notification of the correct purchase amount for the card I used, as always.

But on both occasions, I received a second notification immediately afterwards of a charge of £0.00 to Amazon EU.

I’ve tried looking on the various FAQ and Help sections on the Amazon UK site but can’t find anything.

The items I’ve purchased are coming from the UK operation and not from overseas.

Has anyone else encountered this? Am I missing something blindingly obvious.

Thanks for reading.

This always happens to me, £0.00 card check first, then payment leaves the account just before it’s shipped.

It’s normal, can take a few hours generally to charge the amount.

At a guess, it’s whether your goods are coming from Amazon or another seller through Amazon, causing a delay for end merchant to confirm available.

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Thanks for that - that would explain it (and set my mind at rest).

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