Amazon drone delivery

I was always suspicious that this was one of those tech visions divorced from reality. A ‘we can make a cool video about how the future will be amazing’ without having done any of the hard, boring things to lay the groundwork.

See Tesla robot for further details


It was always a bit of a silly idea… 1 drone per parcel wouldn’t scale. They’d never get the permission to fly over populated areas and people would shoot them down and sell them on ebay.


It’s not a completely crazy idea but it’s certainly not going to become the norm any time soon.

Neither my house nor my place of work have suitable landing points, and I suspect that’s not uncommon.

Still, if you think about drone delivery as competing with same day motorcycle couriers (but not free standard next day delivery), then I think… maybe… just maybe the economics of it could work.

Perhaps the biggest market for this isn’t Amazon, but the likes of Deliveroo, Uber eats, etc. The economics aren’t just about getting the food from A to B, they include all the time the riders/drivers are sat about waiting for orders to come in, and that might help tip the balance in favour of drones. It all feels like a very long way off tho.


They have previously been on about using drones to deliver an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) when you call 999 and someone is doing CPR. Or the drone itself having a built in AED.

I suspect this will go the same route and not take off. Already, if you call 999 and require an AED the operator will tell you where the nearest location is for an AED (within say 2 metres) and the pin code etc to access it.

The amount of drones from emergency services, retailers such as Amazon and who ever else. There will be thousands of them.

Pretty essential for a drone really


Or you could just have an AED (defibrillator) on a wall at the local church/pub/phone kiosk/car park/Spar, plugged in and charged, clearly marked, and ready to use.

You really need a defib on someone within 3 minutes to significantly raise the chance of survival. Why on earth does it need to be delivered by drone??

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“999!! I need a drone delivery of a defibrillator”

3 mins later

“999!!! I need a paramedic to deal with lacerations!”


For those who like audio, this was also covered in the wired UK podcast episode 529

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This popped up today, my phone must be reading the forum :joy:

At least it shows a potential use case in rural areas.