Amazon shuts down Amazon Restaurants in London

Looks like they struggled to compete with Deliveroo / Uber Eats etc.

Did anyone actually ever use this service?

I didn’t even know it existed


No loss. Am I the only one who actually prefers to eat out rather than order something like Deliveroo? Not to mention the SJW inside me that disagrees with how they exploit their staff. Same applies to Just Eat - not a fan of that either.

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I don’t use Deliveroo/Just Eat as a replacement to going to restaurants, it’s a replacement for crappy takeaways when you’re staying in. Instead of just ending up on Dominos, you can get food from places you actually enjoy the food from.

Never used Amazon’s offering but surprised they shut it down, they’re usually good at pushing and pushing until stuff takes off. More surprised they didn’t buy Deliveroo or similar and try to integrate the whole delivery chain into their system.


I was thinking this. Maybe they tried to and failed.


It looks like Deliveroo is going to be bought by Uber Eats. There’s talk of it.

You’ve clearly never had a hangover. These are for people who can barely make it out of bed than out to a restaurant :joy:


Isn’t that what crunchy nut cornflakes was invented for?


Cornflakes yes, crunchy nut not so much. :nauseated_face:

I thought the same thing!

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I don’t live in London but only found out this was a thing very recently.

I don’t think it was pushed very much. They probably could have made this take off

Or children!

Sure, eating out is nice, but there are times when it’s not possible and you don’t want to cook.


I didn’t rise to the comment.