Amazon Delayed Payments


I put an order in through app an hour ago and it still hasn’t appeared in Mondo app. Does Amazon not take payments immediately or is this not working correctly? First time I’ve used Mondo with my Amazon account so not sure.

iTunes Delayed Payments

Amazon take payments when items ship. This is great, because when you get the notification you know it’s on the way!


Good to know, thanks @HoddzDJ! I personally dislike when places do that because then you have to remember how much money you don’t have away from what the balance is saying!


Yeah I agree with you on that point @carly! Places like Kickstarter do it as well, which is why I usually use a credit card for those transactions. Not so much Amazon as they tend to ship stuff out pretty quick.

(Alex Sherwood) #5

Another use case for Set aside balance for upcoming bill payments :slight_smile:


@HoddzDJ I’m seeing how this works now, just came through on Mondo but still haven’t had an Amazon notification that it’s been dispatched so that’s definitely quicker.

@alexs true! But I’m assuming this would have to be input manually for one off payments? How else would Mondo know it was coming if it wasn’t a direct debit? I wouldn’t mind inputting manually but then I don’t know if that would match up to the actual payment when that came through.

(Alex Sherwood) #7

Yes I assume that you’d have to enter this manually too (unless Amazon has an API that Mondo can connect to & retrieve the order details from).

You should have an order summary listing the cost of the items & shipping?


There is an Amazon Orders API but I don’t think it’s worth Mondo building something with it at this point. However, if they do build the set aside balance feature then I can see the benefit of a third party creating this sort of integration.

(Colin Robinson) #9

I ended up using a Trello board (as per Mondo and their Transparent Product Roadmap) to get round this until budgeting is introduced :slight_smile:

(Si) #10

I’m being pendant ic but you get an alert from the Amazon app aswell as soon as it ships or is Despatches or is delivered .

(Simon Tomes) #11

Useful to read learnings about Amazon payments.

I’ve just ordered a book for my Kindle. I used my Monzo card. It hasn’t appeared in my iPhone Monzo app yet.

When it does I’ll share here. :timer_clock:

(Simon Tomes) #12

Received a same day order confirmation email at 23:47 and the transaction appeared in :monzo: at 23:46.

Monzo is one minute ahead of the game. I’d expect nothing less. :rocket:

(Sam Matthews) #13

I made a purchase on Amazon and my Monzo balance went down accordingly. Strangely my blanace has just gone back up with no further transactions on Monzo after those from Amazon. Any ideas what’s going on?

(Alex Sherwood) #14

It’s best if you check that out with the support team, via the in-app chat. You’ll get a quicker, more precise explanation from them than you will here. Please do share what caused this though!

(Sam Matthews) #15

So it turns out that Amazon has basically split my order for delivery. So had originally charged me for example, £30, then dispatched £15 worth of the order so refunded the extra £15 until it was ready to dispatch. The full amount has now come out of my account and all my items have been dispatched. Strange way of doing things but all ok in the end.